#MyClitCounts Series

Our new series, #MyClitCounts aims to debunk social taboos surrounding women*s bodies and to call out bullshit to bodily injustice. We’ll be meeting with activists fighting for reproductive rights, better gynecological health and promoting women*s sexual pleasure. 

Kadia and Djenaba, two Youth Ambassadors from the End FGM European Network

Featuring Emma Harte from BXL-Irish for Choice and Laura de Bonfils from MON UNA DI MENO - Europa


Outside of our campaign series, we also want to feature the awesome work of feminists who are in the areas of refugee rights, intersectionality, foreign policy, LGBTQ+ rights,  and much more. Check them out!

Featuring Mina Jaf, Founder and Executive Director of Women's Refugee Route

#HerEurope Series

As part of Young Feminist Europe’s #HerEurope campaign which aims to bridge the gap in young women’s participation and representation in political spaces, particularly in the context of the upcoming EU elections, Fem-Vibes will be hosting a podcasting series that will discuss topics in and around these issues. 

Featuring Manon Deshayes from the European Women's Lobby

Featuring Anni Saga Hirvelä from the MeTooEP Movement

Featuring Franziska Brantner from the German Green Party

Featuring Nadja Emeršič from the the Women's Forum and Youth Forum for the Social Democrats in Slovenia