Meet the YFE Team


Anna Guijarro


Spanish, based in Brussels (BE)

Vira Mistry

Intersectionality; Advocacy & policy; anti racism


Marta Sienkiewicz

Policy & research

Polish, based in Brussels (BE) - Amsterdam (NL)


Antonella Crichigno

Advocacy & policy; GBV

Italian, based in Brussels (BE)

Ellen Apers

Ellen Apers

editorial; writers hub

Belgian, based in Leuven (BE)

Emily Palomo

Emily Palomo

Comms, Media

Italian, based in Italy (IT)

Eleonora Furlan

Eleonora Furlan

Comms, Social Media

Italian, based in Italy (IT)

Hannah Delahunty

Hannah Delahunty


French-British, based in Paris (FR)

Solange Umuhoza

Solange Umuhoza

POlicy & research

Rwandan-Belgian, based in Brussels (BE)

Mathilde Delabie


French, based in Brussels (BE)

Irene Queralt

policy & research

Spanish, based in Brussels (BE)

Ashley Tan

Ashley Tan

Editorial; Writers Hub


Georgina Diaz

Georgina Diaz

Editorial Coordinator

Spanish, based in London (UK)


Melanie Bernhofer

advocacy & policy; Mighty network

Austrian, based in Brussels (BE)

Leonie Wetzel

Editorial coordinator

German, based in Lüneburg (DE)

Xenia Kellner

Co-Founder; advocacy & pOLICY coordinator

German, based in Hannover (DE)

Maite Smet

Maite Smet

Fundraising Coordinator

Brasilian - Belgian (BE)

Chandreyi Guharay

Chandreyi Guharay


Nicaraguan-Indian, Based in the Netherlands

Moira Pezzetta

Digital, Communications & Media Coordinator

Italian, based in Vienna (AT)

YFE Working Groups

Campaigns & Advocacy

Through the development of digital and grassroots campaign and advocacy actions, we facilitate spaces for co-creation and meaningful engagement with young feminists to raise awareness and influence change for equality and social justice.

Partnership Building

By fostering networks with activists and civil society organisations to strengthen young feminist voices, we’re building a stronger movement through synergies and collaboration. We also form relationships with key stakeholders in UN and EU advocacy spaces to ensure that young feminist demands are on the agenda.


The Writer’s Hub is an open platform where we amplify the voices of young feminists through their written words. With our contributors, we co-create and deliver content that brings about change in Europe, and beyond.

Digital & Media

Through Young Feminist Europe’s communication channels, we share and disseminate activities, raise awareness, and engage with community stakeholders by using innovative tools and platforms as well as strategic communications.


We are campaigning and mobilising to win public support for one common goal: achieving positive political, legal and social change for women* around the World.

Administration & Finance

We contribute to internal capacity and communications, as well as the development of the organisation. The team is also responsible for financial management as well as general in-house rules, team cohension and making sure working procedures are up to scratch!


Research & Policy

With a young feminist and intersectional focus, we conduct research to understand our vision for transformative system change, and develop policy positions that inform Young Feminist Europe’s advocacy, partnership building and communications efforts. 


The Fundraising team works to ensure YFE reaches its structural, capacity-building and sustainability goals through eligible grants, crowdfunding and grassroots fundraising activities.

notable members


Alazne Irigoien

Co-Founder; Editorial Coordinator

Jaimie Just

Mobilisation & Events Coordinator

marine vankerkhoven

Marine Vankerkhoven

Digital, Comms & Media Coordinator


Nikolina Blažanović

Media Coordinator; Communications


Mallaury Cervellera

Comms; newsletter


Julia Konowrocka

Editorial; Comms; digital


Kristy Romain

advocacy & Policy; Generation Equality Forum


Laura Ponikelska

Comms; Media; newsletter

Chiara Cosentino

Chiara Cosentino

advocacy & policy; SRHR; FGM

Jéromine Andolfatto

Jéromine Andolfatto

Comms; Media Lead

Camille Franger

Comms; Newsletter

Katy Wiese

advocacy & policy; GEF


Marine Le Bourdoulous

Comms; Social Media

Eleni Koumoundouros

policy & research; Women Peace & Security

Anamaria Suciu