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At-home abortion: a game-changer for young women beyond the pandemic

Some countries like France enabled telemedicine abortion provision to facilitate abortion access during the pandemic, with many women using the

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How body positivity suppressed its initial positive aim: the case of TikTok

The body positivity movement has come a long way in the last decade. More than ever before, we could see

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Revenge Porn Culture: Little to do with Revenge

A leak of thousands of non-consensually shared sexually explicit images reveals the tip of the iceberg of ‘Revenge Porn’ sharing

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Middle fingers fight back in Croatia: An interview with Žana Gamoš

A few months ago, Croatian singer and right-wing politician wannabe, Miroslav Škoro said that “a raped woman who falls pregnant

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Welcome to Young Feminist Europe!

YFE at #CSW67

This year, Young Feminist Europe is leading the #YouthLedChange during CSW67

We are planning Parallel events #NGOCSW/NY and participating in the Youth preparation series to CSW67. Do you want to follow our work?

Register to the Young Feminist Hub!

Be Aware of the Malware. YFE's #16daysofActivism2022 campaign on GBV

This year, Young Feminist Europe together with COFEM (Coalition of Feminists for social change) decided to join forces for an international campaign aiming to research and raise awareness on the topic of online gender based violence and how this targets in particular human rights defenders.​


Alliance for Feminist Movements

It’s been in the making for some time but the Alliance for Feminist Movements is finally here!
YFE has been participating in the co-design of this alliance as a co-lead of the Action Coalition on Feminist Movements and Leadership and as Reference group member.
We are committed members of the Alliance and look forward to groundbreaking and exciting work ahead, strengthening young feminist movements and leadership and building multisectoral, intergenerational collective power. 

Collective Care Space

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” – Audre Lorde 💜
While we speak more often about the importance of self-care in activism, the component of collective care is often not addressed. “Care is a fundamental component of social justice, not one that compartmentalises our wellbeing from our activism. Through committing to collective care, we embody the changes that we demand, and this strengthens our work for rights and justice.”
Do you want to discover more about how we practice collective care, and would like to create this space with us?

Stay tuned and sign up for the Young Feminist Hub 

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The #FemDigest is designed to let you know what we and what other young feminists have been up to, connect you to the wider feminist community and all while bringing feminist news to you. 

GEF Young Feminist Manifesto

A bold and transformative vision for change


However, the unfolding of the GEF to date has left most of the Youth Task Force (YTF) and youth-led organizations and activists frustrated, as in practice it seems that the GEF is a partner to youth in spirit, but not in actions.

As Leaders of the GEF Action Coalition on “Feminist Movements & Leadership”, together with other youth-led organisations, we’ve crafted the Young Feminist Manifesto!

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Covid-19 is a Feminist Issue

Young Feminist Europe responds to the global pandemic by advocating that we need a holistic feminist approach that overcomes the "crisis of care". Check out our blog and endorsed civil society statements below:

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