24th February 2020 - 19:00

As part of the #MyClitCounts campaign, Young Feminist Europe launched its first webinar series where young feminist researchers and experts will present and host discussions on women*s sexual pleasure, gynecological health and reproductive rights.

Episode 3 of the series will be led by Dolly Ogunrinde, who will give an overview of black women’s sexuality and attitudes towards virginity in the black community.

“Popping the cherry? Losing the V-card? And deflowering? Are just three of very many terms that used to describe the notion of ‘losing’ virginity. In our society, the concept of ‘losing virginity’ is so normalised that it exists as a social norm that is rarely questioned. However, the whole notion of virginity losing is heavily embedded in gendered norms which have damaging consequences for the way’s girls think about and have the ability to explore their sexuality.”

This webinar will challenge the notion of virginity in its normative form and explore the implications of virginity as, in fact, a social construct. Based on primary research carried out with young black British women, this webinar will also explore issues of sexuality and gender, and the compounding impact the notion of virginity can have on young black women’s sexuality.


 WHEN: Monday 24 February
– REGISTRATION: Via Eventbrite
– NOTE: Webinars are reserved for all self-identifying women only