Come and party with Young Feminist Europe to celebrate the launch of our new website!

We will have the party at Niko Matcha in Rue de Flandre 183B, Brussels, Belgium.
Niko Matcha is a place which welcomes European women’s initiatives.

This evening will celebrate women’s creativity. Women rock arts!
Several projects will be presented along with three amazing concerts!

The evening is supported by Pullet Rocks, an organisation promoting women artists.

Free entry (4€ donation recommended)

Further information


Doors at 19:00.

Vegetarian Buffet by Young Feminist Europe.


Le médaillon de ma mie, Feminism / Self Love / Empowerment / Body Positive / Sex Positive
Hanna Ilczyszyn, Painter and women’s rights activist
LIVE printinng : Pimp your t-shirt/bag/poster/pillow etc. during silkscreen (serigraphie) printing with
Important: bring something to print on (we might have some extra cotton bags) !!

Further info:

With the participation of:

Belges et Culottées, activists fighting against the tampon tax in Belgium
Further info:
Soromance fanzine, feminism/culture/society
Further info:


Starts at 20:30

Stella & TChang [folk blues]

Random Muddle [punk rock]

Glitter Vaseline [electro punk]


🎉🎉 Looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces 🎉🎉

Angelika Hild
Angelika has been a feminist before she knew the word existed. Her activism has led her to co-found a local movement against street harassment by giving training's, taking part in workshops for young feminists, and attending countless demonstrations. She co-founded a predecessor of Young Feminist Europe (Young European Feminists) in 2015 and is now a committed contributor to the platform.

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