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In light of the recent internal crisis at Young Feminist Europe (YFE), we would like to publicly apologise to the incredible activists who engaged with us, as members or as contributors, and got hurt in the process, by former members, because of power imbalances, internalised racism, and unacknowledged white privilege.

We explicitly apologise to feminist activist Isma Benboulerbah, who was targeted by internal violence and racism in her wish to join the organisation and share her passion for a feminist world. We recognise that the arguments used against her application and herself were lies, driven by white egos. Not only that, but we collaborated with Isma in the past, who shared her previous struggles with feminist organisations, and we apologise that she experienced them again with us. YFE admires Isma’s work and dedication for a better and equal world, and it would have been a pleasure and honour to collaborate with her.

Isma Benboulerbah will be the last victim and collateral damage to YFE. We are committed to implement the values and principles we advocate for, and YFE will never be complicit with neither bullying nor structural racism within the organisation – or in the name of it. We are committed to build an organisation where young feminists, and especially those who face multiple forms of discrimination based on race, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation or class, can feel safe(r). A community where they, where we, can experience sisterhood and solidarity, and where we can co-conspire to tackle systems of oppression and inequalities holistically, also within the feminist movement.

We know that, unfortunately, Isma’s is not an isolated case. We also want to extend this apology to Gail Rego and other members, former members, and activists that expressed their wish to stay anonymous, If you want to share your story or an experience you had with YFE, you can share it this Form with us anonymously. 

You can select if you want us to publish your story on our Website and/or Social Media. You can also share your story with our Writers’ Hub: editorial@youngfeminist.eu

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