Hijabis Fight Back

Over the course of the last weeks, there has been a significant level of mobilization among Belgium’s Muslim community under the hashtag #hijabisfightback. The reason? A recent ruling of the country’s highest court that permits institutions of higher education to ban the wearing of visible religious, political and philosophical signs on their premises, namely the Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer (HEFF).

The ideal female body – does not exist! Ideali moters – figūra neegzistuoja! [EN/LT]

There are a lot of stereotypes and standards that women are subjected to in their daily lives, but the question of how their bodies should look like is certainly one of the most important ones. The perception of the ideal female body is dynamic and can change through time and also vary between different cultures and societies – with the media playing an important role.

Kasdieniniame gyvenime moterys ištisai susiduria su įvairiais stereotipais, vienas iš populiariausių – idealios figūros paieškos. Idealios figūros savoka labai priklauso nuo laikotarpio, kultūros, esamos visuomenės ir žinoma žiniasklaidos. Vienos visuomenės seka Vakarų standarto – lieknumo kulto, kitos vis labiau pripažista moterų figūrų įvairovę.