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Young Feminist Europe proudly supports Belgian Pride and stands for the rights of the LGBTI+ people.

Young Feminist Europe is committed to improving equality among all persons and inclusion of all marginalised groups. The Pride plays an important role in fighting for social change. Therefore Young Feminist Europe will demonstrate today in Brussels for LGBTI+ rights.

Young Feminist Europe combats harmful gender stereotypes and imposed labels of all sorts. The gender binary places social and cultural expectations on all of us. When we are seen as not meeting these expectations, we are prone to discrimination, hate and violence.

Young Feminist Europe therefore stands for a non-binary society reflecting the colourful diversity of everyday lives and stories.

Young Feminist Europe also welcomes the theme of Belgian Pride 2017 ‘Crossing Borders’. Asylum and migration are crucial issues. Our institutions need to protect those who face discrimination and persecution on the basis of their gender identity, gender expression, sex characteristics or sexual orientation.

Young Feminist Europe stands in solidarity with LGBTI+ refugees.

Martina Nuti

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