The German controversy on Paragraph 219a on “promoting” abortions: Paragraph 219a – ein Fall für die Geschichtsbücher [EN/DE]

A German gynaecologist got fined for providing information about abortion on her website. Citizens now demand the abolishment of the paragraph 219a in the criminal code, which the verdict is based upon.

Der Paragraph 219a des deutschen Strafgesetzbuches verbietet es Gynäkologen, über Abtreibungen zu informieren. Er sollte schnellstmöglich abgeschafft werden – denn Frauen haben das Recht auf Information.

Are abortion rights in France at risk due to the upcoming presidential elections?

The current right to access abortion appears to be at risk in France. As a result of this, on the anniversary of the day when the legalisation of abortion passed in France, INSOMNIA, a feminist squad based in Paris, known for their night actions, walked the streets of Paris and hung a thousand posters using coat-hangers with a range of statements.