Gender-sensitive education: “gender madness” or liberation from gender stereotypes?

A child’s education is vital in forming who he/she will become as an adult, these formative years can be especially important in how children will perceive gender in the future. How can we start from a young age to break gender stereotypes and pave the way for a completely equal society? The taboo-ed gender-sensitive education could be the answer; but what really is it and how can it help create a feminist education?

Women and the job market: A picture of today’s Europe

Women’s employment is one of those evergreen issues in the agenda of the old continent. Besides dusty stereotypes that still relegate women to few sectors of care and other social needs, the problem of women’s employment has been worsened by the recent economic crisis. What are the European trends when it comes to women’s education, wages and their presence in decision-making positions?