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Below you will find a series of events that Young Feminist Europe planned,(co-) organised, facilitated, and participated as a guest-speaker in 2021.
This is a non-exhaustive list of our work during 2021.
Behind the events, hours of meetings, conversations, preparations took place.

In January 2021, we welcomed 28 new members, and also restructured our working group and teams. YFE consists of 4 main working groups: 

  • Advocacy and Policy
  • Communications, Digital and Media
  • Editors Hub 
  • Fundraising

Each of the working groups is divided into more specialised teams, taking care of different topics, like the Newsletter team or SRHR team, or different Campaigns (Period Poverty Campaign in Europe)

Additionally, this year, we created special Task Forces. Most notably the intersectionality working group and internal communications.

January 27th – Jenay, Antonella, Eleni and Melanie participated in the expert roundtable on Eliminating Violence Against Women and Girls for the OSCE regions. 

January 28th – YFE  invited Daniela, founder of Women MAKE Stories, for a 2-hour workshop for women entitled Follow your Intuition: writing & mindfulness workshop

February 17th Xenia and Chan attended  YFE is participating in an OSCE expert roundtable on the intersection of gender equality & youth YFE. They discussed how this intersection is at the core of everything we do!

February 22nd – Kristy participated in the conference “Movements and feminist leadership” organised by Forum Génération Egalité. She spoke about Young Feminist Europe’s involvement in the Generation Equality process & the Action Coalition on Feminist Leadership and Movements.

February 23rd – Julia participated in the “Fundamental Rights Dialogues“, organised by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency. She talked about the protests in Poland about the near total abortion ban and asked if the EU will take a more proactive approach in ensuring and protecting women’s rights including access to sexual and reproductive health and rights. 

March 2nd – YFE participated in the 2021 edition of SheDecides Day 

March 2nd & 7th – Antonella and Melanie participated in the Plan International campaign for International Women’s Day 2021.“No peace comes from our exclusion.”

March 8th – Melanie created a photo series for the International Women’s Day 2021. 

Check our dedicated page. 

March 11th  Melanie contributed to the EYE Online panel on gender equality in the post-COVID-19 world

March 19th – In the frame of CSW65, Xenia participated in a panel about Feminist Leadership and Movements organized by YASM (Youth Against Slavery Movement)

March 20th – Xenia met  with UN’s Deputy-Secretary General Amina J Mohammed and fellow youth leaders to share perspectives on young feminist leadership and how to work together to strengthen intergenerational dialogue.

March 22nd – Launch of the Young Feminist Manifesto: a bold & transformative vision for change

Young Feminist Manifesto

March 24thYFE co-hosted the Anti-Racism Conversation Circle and offered a variety of workshops on anti-racism together with NGO CSW NY.

March 26th – Xenia spoke at the side event “Navigating the Generation Equality Mexico Forum: A Preparatory Workshop for Women and Youth Peacebuilders”

Xenia spoke at the CSW65 parallel event on Global Feminist Movement Building organized by WECF.

March 30th – For GEF Mexico, Xenia participated in a Dialogue on Action Coalition 6 on #Feminist Movements and Leadership – “Young feminists in Mexico and across the world are really creating change beyond the formal structures, and that is so powerful”. 

April 23rd – YFE co-organised with AWID and Balance the Beijing Unfettered Workshop, a space for Young Feminists to reflect on multilateralism in light of current crises,  and envision how to build people-centered political systems.

April 25th – Julia participated in a panel on “Activism on a pandemic” during the Eye on the Edge Galway 2021 Festival.

April 28th – In a statement, Young Feminist Europe condemned the announcement of Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention.

June 2nd – YFE organised a joint event to raise awareness among the European youth and wider population on the issue of period poverty in Europe. Check our dedicated page.

June 11th-13th – Together with the Youth Task Force, the National Gender Youth Activists, CSAG Youth and the youth co-leads of the Action Coalitions, with the support of youth-serving organizations like Restless Development, Plan International, AGIP, She Decides and Action Aid, YFE co-organised the GENERATION EQUALITY: YOUNG FEMINIST UNCONFERENCE.

June 18th – Chiara and Moira discussed the issue of Period Poverty in Europe with an intersectional approach in an online talk organized by European Student Think Thank. 

June 23rd – Hannah participated in the #StopTalkingStartFunding Feminist World Tour by the Collectif Génération Egalités to talk about the fight against GBV in the run-up to the Paris GEF Forum.

June 30th – July 2nd– Xenia attended the Generation Equality Forum in Paris spoke on the AC6 session on Feminist Movements, Leadership, and fundings . We co-organized daily check-ins and outs, and a closing ceremony.

July 13th – Chan represented YFE in an intergenerational dialogue on feminist activism with feminists from Asia Pacific during the Youth Activism Accelerator.  

July 19th – September 10thYFE Collective Breath

September 28th – Xenia participated in a roundtable on ending Gender-based violence organised by Greens/EFA in the European Parliament.

September 29th – October 2nd – In 2020, YFE was the awardee of the Belgium national Charlemagne Youth Prize. This year, Leonie went to Aachen to represent YFE during the international #karlpreis awarding ceremony. Congratulations to the winners of 2020 & 2021!

October 11th – Xenia participated in the International Day of the Girl Child Regional Conference in Istanbul. The theme of the event was  “The time is now! Girls’ Leadership in the Digital Era”. Watch her speech.

October 12th – Young Feminist Europe & KINILI facilitated a session on the Anti-racism EU Plan and youth during the Fundamental Rights Forum 2021 organised by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights.

October 19th – December 2nd – First YFE Collective Learning Sessions: Unlearning our Truth.

These spaces are facilitated by members of  our recently created Intersectionality Working Group which aims to support and strengthen intersectional approaches in our feminist organising and mobilisation both internally and externally.  Our first series comprised of monthly sessions from October to December focusing on the following topics:

  • Decolonising Feminism 
  • Power and feminist and transformational leadership 
  • Anti-racism and Feminism

October 28th – Xenia facilitated a workshop on Process Design organised by FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders. 

November 25th – For the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, YFE published a collage based on Mirabal picture project. YFE members released as well a series of video statement. 

November 26th Antonella represented Young Feminist Europe during an Instagram live organized by ThinkYoung. She discussed the different forms of gender based violence, the possible solutions to this global problem and how the younger generation can take an active role in this fight for a more equal world.

Young Feminist Europe

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