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Obstetric Violence #BreakTheSilence

Obstetric violence is an intersection between institutional violence and violence against women during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum; however, very little is being done in Croatia or beyond to combat it.

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Digital Violence Targeting Women’s Sexuality: A German Example

Under the patriarchy, women’s sexuality is not seen as a source of power - it is seen as a source of shame. The case of German Green politician Renate Künast who became a victim of online hate speech earlier this year, demonstrates why.

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Menstruation is not a Luxury

Almost half of all EU member states tax menstrual products as luxury items, in the same category as wine, beer and cigarettes. This is a glaring example of institutionalised gender-based discrimination.

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Abortion rights in Croatia 4 years later – Pravo na pobačaj u Hrvatskoj 4 godine poslije [EN/CRO]

In 2015 Josipa Tukara wrote an article on abortion rights in Croatia. Four years have passed since then. What has happened during that time?

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Welcome to Young Feminist Europe!

Webinar Launch!!!

For the #MyClitCounts campaign, join us and Lucía Berro Pizzarossa for an exciting webinar about the evolution of SRHR on Monday 14 October at 7PM.

Young Feminist Europe launches its first webinar series where young feminist researchers and experts will present and host discussions on women*s sexual pleasure, gynecological health and reproductive rights. For the first episode, Lucía Berro Pizzarossa (PhD) will give an overview of the evolution of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) in the international arena by looking at the scope definitions, how ‘unholy alliances’ shaped the agenda, and how we went from a paradigm of population control to a human-rights one. Register here!

New Podcast Episode

First episode for the #MyClitCounts series we met with Irish and Italian Pro-Choice activists!

To mark the International Day for Safe Abortion, we met with Emma Harte from BXL-Irish for Choice and Laura de Bonfils from Pasionaria and MON UNA DI MENO – Europa to discuss reproductive rights, access issues to local abortio healthcare and how to build a strong movement to ensure no-one gets left behind. 

New Campaign - My Clit Counts

Debunking social taboos on women’s sexual pleasure, gynecological health and reproductive rights.

In a world that is obsessed with penises and prioritizes the needs of men, the gynecological health and sexual pleasure of women* often takes a back seat. The clitoris – the unknown organ – has come to symbolise this inequality. Through a series of campaign actions, young feminists from across Europe will have the opportunity to engage in the broad and interlinked topics surrounding women’s bodies. Read more about the campaign here.

A Young Feminist Vision of Europe

A blog compilation by thirteen young driverse feminists

Representing 10 different EU countries (Ireland, Greece, Italy, UK, Germany, Portugal, Lithuania, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands), the authors highlight a range of issues as well as their hopes for the next EU mandate. Check out the full compilation here.

Brussels Women*s Strike 2019

Nearly 15,000 people took part in the march for International Women*s Day.

Watch Young Feminist Europe’s video below!