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A Gender Responsive Europe

In 2016, the European Commission stressed the following: “If key actions and gender mainstreaming were necessary, so was the allocation of relevant EU-level funding”. To address this situation, gender budgeting comes into play.

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Can Feminism Fit into Post-Soviet Societies and can it Combat Gender Stereotypes?

Feminism is not as accepted in Lithuania. There are questions on whether feminism can impact gender roles in post-soviet societies and what can political institutions do to drive this change.

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What is at stake (or what is YOUR stake) in the 2019 European Union elections?

Young intersectional feminists should vote in the upcoming EU elections in the midst of the growing far right and women’s underrepresentation. An overview of key developments on Greece’s disengagement with the EU.

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This time I’m Voting to Eradicate Violence against Women in Europe

One of the most visible forms of discrimination is violence exerted against women. The Istanbul Convention is in the process of being ratified by the EU but it needs political will to get it through - this is why Europe needs feminism.

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Welcome to Young Feminist Europe!

A Young Feminist Vision of Europe

A blog compilation by thirteen young driverse feminists

Representing 10 different EU countries (Ireland, Greece, Italy, UK, Germany, Portugal, Lithuania, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands), the authors highlight a range of issues as well as their hopes for the next EU mandate. Check out the full compilation here.

Final Episode of the #HerEurope Series

We interviewed Nadja Emeršič from the Social Democrats!

For the fourth and final episode of the #HerEurope series, we are joined by the awesome Nadja Emeršič who is a 22 year old feminist and local councilor in her city in Slovenia,  as well as being a member of the Women’s Forum and Youth Forum for the Social Democrats in Slovenia, and she also works as a political campaign advisor for MEP candidate Tanja Fajon

In this episode, we discuss the need to lead with empathy and compassion, how young women in politics are underestimated, the importance of gender quotas and role models, and how a diverse and youthful voice will bring about the revolution! 

Brussels Women*s Strike 2019

Nearly 15,000 people took part in the march for International Women*s Day.

Watch Young Feminist Europe’s video below!