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Pulling the plug on online harassment begins In Real Life

While efforts to tackle online harassment require all platforms to play their part, the root causes are to be found in the “old”, offline world – and will need to be addressed there.

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Italian TV Chat Shows & Lacking Diversity

Flip through Italian TV channels at any time of the day, and you’ll most definitely find a political chat-show. For a land obsessed with analysing its establishment’s dysfunctions, one particular glaring lack of these shows is Italy’s biggest elephant in the room: diversity, and a total lack thereof.

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Trafficked Women and Girls Sold Online

Women and girls are being sold more easily than ever before as the internet becomes a key facilitator of sex trafficking. EU member states need to legislate against the online sale of women and girls and raise awareness of the prevalence of sex trafficking online.

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The Istanbul Convention & the Czech Republic: Barriers to Ratification

The Czech Republic signed the Istanbul Convention in May 2016 and was due to ratify the treaty last year. However opposition comes from those who view it as a threat to the concept of the traditional family.

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Welcome to Young Feminist Europe!

Brussels Women*s Strike 2019

Young Feminist Europe is teaming up with Period.Brussels and Collecti.e.f 8 maars for the Brussels Women*s Strike 2019

A collective of grassroots women*s organisations and trade unions will be calling on women to go on strike.

We’ll be taking part in a series of solidarity activities in preparation for the strike as well as for the march.

Read more about the strike and you can get involved on the button below:



Young Feminist Europe has created button badges to help raise funds for the platform.

On International Women’s Day 2019, Young Feminist Europe will be joining the Brussels strike! 

We’ll be selling our badges throughout the day for €2 each. All proceeds raised will be invested back into the platform to help with future activities.


'Her Europe' - Bridging the gap between young women's participation in the 2019 EU elections!

Young Feminist Europe has launched its first ever campaign! 

‘Her Europe’ provides an opportunity for young women and feminists to engage in the EU elections through a series of actions.

Read more about the campaign on the button below and find out how you can get involved!