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Revenge Porn Culture: Little to do with Revenge

A leak of thousands of non-consensually shared sexually explicit images reveals the tip of the iceberg of ‘Revenge Porn’ sharing

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Middle fingers fight back in Croatia: An interview with Žana Gamoš

A few months ago, Croatian singer and right-wing politician wannabe, Miroslav Škoro said that “a raped woman who falls pregnant

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Period tracking apps – a feminist issue

In this article I explore period tracking apps from a feminist perspective. I argue that through the designs and data collection they reflect and perpetuate, even if unintentionally, heteronormative notions of gender and sexuality.

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Reporting on period poverty in Hungary

Period poverty is a prevalent problem in Hungary - hundreds of menstruating people, mostly young girls and women suffer from it. However, it’s not an issue that has sparked a political debate or media sensation.

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Looking ahead to a feminist 2021

sleigh the patriarchy feminism

2020 has been a very difficult year for many. For most. The COVID-19 pandemic has monopolised our lives and has had terrible impacts on our health and wellbeing, livelihoods, environment, and political and social behaviours. As we look back to the challenges of 2020, we must learn from our mistakes and progresses to ensure 2021 is a great year for feminist leadership, collaborative action & systemic change. Read More

#GEF news: we are leaders!

We are very thrilled to share with you that we have been selected as leaders for the #GenerationEquality Action Coalition on “Feminist Movements & Leadership”! 

Proud to be part of this innovative, multi-stakeholder process that focuses on action and accelerating implementation. 

We are also honoured to be working side by side with a lot of amazing organisations that have paved the way on feminist and inclusive leadership and are looking forward to intergeneration, feminist collaboration. Read More 


Covid-19 is a Feminist Issue

Young Feminist Europe responds to the global pandemic by advocating that we need a holistic feminist approach that overcomes the "crisis of care". Check out our blog and endorsed civil society statements below:

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