Confessions of a meat eating feminist – Feministes gaļēdājas atzīšanās [EN/LV]

Are women’s and animal rights inextricably linked? Should feminists abstain from consuming meat and dairy products and if they don’t, does this make them hypocritical?

Vai sieviešu un dzīvnieku tiesības ir nesaraujami saistītas? Vai feministēm būtu jāatturas no gaļas un piena produktu ēšanas, un, ja nē, vai tas padara viņas par liekulēm?

Women and the job market: A picture of today’s Europe

Women’s employment is one of those evergreen issues in the agenda of the old continent. Besides dusty stereotypes that still relegate women to few sectors of care and other social needs, the problem of women’s employment has been worsened by the recent economic crisis. What are the European trends when it comes to women’s education, wages and their presence in decision-making positions?

Solidarity with Polish Women: Abortion Rights in Poland – Odzyskać wybór: o prawach aborcyjnych w Polsce [EN/PL]

Many feminists across Europe have shown solidarity with Polish women following a proposed legislation that would completely ban or extremely limit the right to abortion. What were the reactions in Poland? And is it possible that the issue only is used to divert public attention from other worrying developments in Polish politics?

Prawa kobiet w Polsce stały się niedawno niezwykle głośnym tematem w europejskich mediach w związku z planowanym znacznym ograniczeniem prawa do aborcji.